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FRED HULTMAN live @ MooM, mercredi 27 juillet 2011






Fred Hultman was born on the 10th of July 1975 in Toulon, France, of a Swedish mother and a French father. During his childhood, he used to travel a lot between Sweden and France. At the age of 10, the first band he liked to listen to was the famous Pop band from Norway a-ha . Two years later, he saw the Swedish Heavy Metal band EUROPE on TV and decided to play guitar. He started taking some lessons and listening to bands like Iron Maiden, Bon Jovi, Metallica ... . In 1988, in Sweden, he bought the ODYSSEY album of the Swedish GUITAR HERO Yngwie Malmsteen . All these artists were his first musical influences. He made his first band with his best childhood friend they were called The Headbands and later Speed Control . For a couple of years, he played and wrote songs with different bands an begun to play in bars and clubs when he was 15 years old (in order: Speed Control, Dirty Blues, Spyral, Aunt Many...). In 1996, he created with 4 friends the band KAILASH , they played together during 7 years, made 3 albums and lot of concerts between 1996 and 2000 (clubs, festivals and first part for famous artists like Pascal Obispo, Youssou n Dour or Aston Villa ...). In 2002, they got separated and a new project was born: Pornomatic . A more powerfull trio which was bringing his first Heavy Metal infuences to the front. The same year, he created a guitar and bass school called Guitar Hero where he gave himself all the lessons, which was also his own studio to work and compose. After one album and a maxi single with Pornomatic, Fred recorded a cover album with his old friend from Speed Control , they called the project SF . But Fred started to feel that the time was come for his solo career to begin, so he wrote new songs, more personal, mixing his Pop-Rock and Heavy Metal influences to release a self-produced album called EIGHTEEN . Now he is working on this project, trying to find a record and a publishing company.​ltman

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